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Who We Are Gomez Law Offices, LLC is a law firm in New Mexico that is focused on the mission to serve and fight for you with over 34 years of experience. We have fought a wide variety of cases representing hundreds of individuals, families and businesses. Our firm is dedicated in helping the people of New Mexico by relying on our experience and innovative strategies. Our undivided passion has resulted in us succeeding in almost all of our cases. Our Lawyers in Roswell and Clovis own the story of every person walking through our door. As we take our cases we ponder over them utilizing the best of our capabilities. We listen, understand, and then comprehend the case through nourishing our findings by applying the most suitable strategy to land your case to the safest resort. Our depiction of you first begins with a clear understanding of three main things: Who you are, what you think, and where you want to go next? Based on these questions we produce our strategy. Our key findings help us in uncovering the evident and not so evident solutions. Then putting in an equal proportion of effort we become your legal front in the court. We apply correct law to your case to make sure you are successful.


We have worked to yield satisfaction of our clients. Their experience is the biggest competing battleground for us. And in the battles, only the fittest can survive. For three decades, we have successfully won this battle over and over again. We go above and beyond to make our customers feel valued. And that’s why we believe that working for success can make us the master only, while working for clients’ satisfaction can help us in building the legacy. For us our clients are more than just our clients. We treat them like a family. Communication is the key to not only winning the cases but also their hearts. And it has always been a two-way traffic for us. From the instance a person enters Gomez Law Offices till the time their cases are resolved we are there for them, all the time!

At Gomez law, our resolution doesn’t necessarily comes from a breakthrough strategy alone, but flawless execution as well. It is a fundamental to winning any case. Increased regulation, diversified business penalties, changing legal landscape of New Mexico has harbored a number of challenging roles for all law firms. These legal changes are of grave critical for every single person living in New Mexico. Last year out of 774,725 startups in New Mexico only 155,000 business could survive. What made these fewer businesses survive was their strong legal presence. As a matter of fact, other than businesses there were hundreds of legal cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, hit-and-run accidents that were not resolved due to lack of proper evidence and strong legal representation. In all these cases one common thing is the importance of strategy. Why? Because strategic solution hunting can make us explore all the available options, setting priorities for them, and then defining the methods to achieve them despite the nature of the case. Our well-crafted strategy is developed and executed to turn the tables in your favor.

Vision Statement

We envision to make a World where your voice can be heard among masses.

Mission Statement

"We fight hard to ensure the law protects you and your loved ones. We pride ourselves on our ability to give both you and your case the attention it deserves as we communicate with you throughout the entire legal process."

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Business landscape is changing daily, protect your business with proper legal guidance.

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