Estate and Will Planning

To secure your future, there is a significant need for personal assets in a legal vault. And to make sure it goes right, legal assistance is necessary. Death is an uncertain stage of life, and a prior strategy is required to protect the future of your family and to save your possessions from getting into the wrong hands. An individual’s after-death wish to entitle one’s property to any relative in the written form is a Will. Disregard to will and estate planning may result in personal conflicts and ownership related ambiguity that will adversely affect the harmony of your family after your death. Many cases may result in seizing properties and assets of a dead person if a valid will is not defined according to the laws.

Not creating a will before you die: leads towards the distribution of property among your spouse, children, or close relatives according to the Intestacy laws of New Mexico. Distant relatives by blood or marriage: will get shares of your property if one does not have close relatives. If one has no living relatives, closed or distant, then the state will take your property. Anyone who is sound in mind and is above 18 years of age: can draft a will, to grant the ownership of the property to heirs mentioned in the will. There are other legal criteria and limitations as well that people are still not aware of and do not realize its significance as a blueprint for future convenience and peace of mind.

Proper guidance is required to plan crucial matters considering the laws of New Mexico, and amendments in the state or will laws may affect our plan to create a will. Will is one of a document of great importance as the court decides the property distribution according to that as well. Therefore, a guide is compulsory for such legally and personally sensitive matters. Who will care for your wishes, your loved ones, and their future after your death? Who will save your property after your death that you have earned with blood, sweat, and tears? At Gomez Law, our aim is to consult the testator regarding the subject matter in order to ensure the security of personal property for the better future of the beneficiaries. The right you wish to get for your dear ones are the rights we justify by law to support the valid will and stand for you accordingly, because we empathize and understand the significance of estate and will planning and its effect on your personal life.